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gleeoverbigbang's Journal

Glee Crossover Big Bang Challenge
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You've found the Glee Crossover Big Bang Challenge, moderated by el_em_en_oh_pee and backitup_baby!

How It Works:
-- Writers will work on a 10,000-word (no maximum) work (het, gen, and/or (fem)slash) featuring Glee and any other fandom.
-- Artists, vidders and/or mixers claim a work by summary and create a companion work to accompany the fic.

When Is This Going Down?
February 1 - February 29: Writer sign-up is open
March 1 - March 31: Artist/vidder/mixer is open
May 1: Check-in to see how it's going
June 1: Rough drafts & fic summaries due
June 7-14: Fic summaries posted and artists/vidders/mixers can claim a work to create a companion fic
July 1: Final fic drafts due
July 15: Art/videos/mixes due
As Soon As Possible: Posting begins!

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