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holy angels
Due to some serious personal issues that have come up, el_em_en_oh_pee and I have chosen to no longer hold this year's Big Bang. We're sorry to have to make this choice; thank you to those who were still interested in being involved. 

Check In Post
holy angels
Life has been a little hectic & crazy for your mods so this is late. We're wondering -- is there still interest in this challenge? We still need people to sign up as artists/mixers/etc. here, and if people still want to share fic they've written for this comm we're all about that still! Let us know how it's going for you here.

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what i couldn't do was sing
If you are signing up as an ARTIST/VIDDER/MIXER, please comment to this entry with the following:

+ The username you will be using to participate.
+ An email address at which we can reach you. (If you prefer to be LJ messaged, please indicate this in this space.)
+ How you plan on contributing (art, video, mix; list more than one if you are flexible)

You may sign up for both the author and artist portion of this challenge if you so desire!

Sign-ups are open until April 12!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit us up here.

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District 7.
Here's a promo for kurtofskybang:

The second round of kurtofskybang has opened for sign ups for authors, artists and betas. Sign ups are open for all of these until March 17th. You can see a full schedule here.

The round is running from February to June and we would love to see all the kurtofsky shippers signing up!

You can find out more about the round here at our profile and sign up here.

As for our sign-ups, they're still open until March 1! Sign up here!

Writer Sign-Up Post
this is my ontd_glee icon ;)
If you are signing up as a WRITER, please comment to this entry with the following:

+ The username you will be using to participate. If you are co-writing, you do not need to have each author respond to this post; just include all the information in one comment.
+ An email address at which we can reach you. (If you prefer to be LJ messaged, please indicate this in this space and ensure that you have messages from people you don't have friended enabled.)
+ The fandoms (besides Glee, of course!) in which you will be writing. If you're still not entirely sure but know you want to definitely participate, you can put down a few things you're considering and verify with us when we do the halfway check on May 1.


Looking for inspiration? Try these (let us know if you'd like to be linked here if you have similar plot bunny sources!):
-- The glee_kink_meme crossover tag
-- The glee_cross_meme (multiple prompt posts)


Help spread the word! You can even have an icon if you'd like!

Please credit backitup_baby if using.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit us up here.

Signups will close on March 15

Round Two Announcement
District 7.
Hi all,

We are back for Round Two!

If you don't remember... How it works:
-- Writers will work on a 10,000-word (no maximum) work (het, gen, and/or (fem)slash) featuring Glee and any other fandom.
-- Artists, vidders and/or mixers claim a work by summary and create a companion work to accompany the fic.

Round Two schedule
February 1 - February 29: Writer sign-up is open
March 1 - March 31: Artist/vidder/mixer is open
May 1: Check-in to see how it's going
June 1: Rough drafts & fic summaries due
June 7-14: Fic summaries posted and artists/vidders/mixers can claim a work to create a companion fic
July 1: Final fic drafts due
July 15: Art/videos/mixes due
As Soon As Possible: Posting begins!

Specific rules under the cuts...

WritersCollapse )

ArtistsCollapse )

AllCollapse )

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Comment here with your thoughts!

Have fun and please spread the word!
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ATTN Big Bang-ers
District 7.
We ARE going to do a 2012 Gleeover Big Bang! Stay tuned soon for the sign up dates...

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in an AU group Glee PSL featuring elements of Heroes/Misfits, please check out this link.

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District 7.
Title: Normal is Overrated
Author: ubervirgin
XOver Fandom: Supernatural
Rating:R for violence
Pairing(s):Kurt/Blaine, Burt/Carole
Warnings: violence
Word Count: 9,904
Summary: Kurt and Burt did a pretty good job of keeping their lives as hunters secret, until vampires attack McKinley.

( Read the fic here! )

View the art by kyra5972 here!

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just hanging around my best girl
Author: el_em_en_oh_pee
Crossover Fandom: The Time Travelers Wife
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Brittany/Santana(/Brittany), (non-explicit) Brittany/Artie, passing references to Santana/almost the entire Glee cast and other miscellaneous couples.
Warnings: First person POV, multiple POVs, not chronologically linear, consensual sex between a minor (age 16) and an adult.
Word Count: ~16,000
Summary: Brittany Pierce is whiteknuckling it through a round of auditions for the University of Cincinnati's women's a capella group when one of the girls auditioning asks her out. Brittany has never seen Santana before in her life, but ever since Santana was five, she's known (and loved) Brittany. Featuring time traveler!Brittany, dedicated!Santana, and sage!Artie, with cameos by Clare and Alba DeTamble.

Read the fic: Masterpost | Part One | Part Two | Full Length (AO3)

View the awesome fanmix, by aetraega

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matty r bro of bros
Title: Solvitur Ambulando (All Saints Are Liars)
Author: tawg
Fandoms: Glee and Supernatural
Rating: M
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Gore, violence, character death, some language.
Word Count: ~20,700
Summary: Finn Hudson has always been different from those around him. Since his mother's death he's been traveling across America, attracted to the call of supernatural events, particularly of the grizzly and gruesome kind. Following him his the mystery of his father's absence, the lessons that his mother taught him, and a group of hunters whose attention he has unwittingly caught. All Finn wants to do is answer the call in the hopes of getting a moments peace, but a hunter's work is never done. Or should that be, "there's no rest for the wicked"?

Read the fic here!

View the fanmix here, by inferiarecoming


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